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Luxury new flagship Citroen C6 burst table analysis – car / automobile Sohu Sohu Citroen map service brand in the domestic market has always been a common household car, but in the senior car market does not have what achievement. In order to break this situation, Citroen for the Chinese market to create a new flagship model C6, competitors including Volkswagen MAGOTAN, Buick lacrosse and other old high-end cars. Is C6 really competitive? Look at the following together. Citroen C6 positioning in large cars, based on the latest EMP2 PSA modular platform to build, the appearance of a stable atmosphere, with a strong business temperament, and into some household elements to broaden the market. Citroen C6 with the family of the latest design, the front face of the large horizontal chrome grille and headlights, with lots of straight lines by creating a sedate atmosphere temperament. Headlights group using the popular LED light source, not only the visual effect is good, also very practical, consisting of five LED daytime driving lights light source directly embedded in the internal network, the design is very bold. Rearview mirror with two-color design, integrated steering lamp, the design is very simple, and equipped with blind detection to remind. Citroen C6 body side lines straight and slender, quite luxurious fan, wheelbase reached 2900mm, body length and width were 49801858 1475mm. C6 dual color five wheels is a bright spot, the design is full of sense of hierarchy, visual effects are very moving. Tires, as always, the use of a higher level of configuration of the Michelin Wyatt series, size 24545 R18. The tail is designed to be simple, a horizontal through the rear of the chrome trim to form a very good embellishment, but also highlights the C6 stable style. On the left side of the double tail row adds a touch of temperament. Taillights also adopted the LED light source, two band double "C" at night and a high degree of recognition. Citroen C6 car nameplate also started by digital to distinguish the high power and low power vehicle models, and the real 380THP is obviously high version. Appearance summary: the appearance of Citroen C6 to sedate atmosphere, but also with some movement elements, quite a bit fancy car feeling. C6 into the car, a strong sense of luxury Pumianerlai, a large number of drilling high leather using collocation decorative wood version and metal decoration, people really have a sit in the high-end car illusion. Interior design is also based on straight lines, highlighting the style of stability. Multi function steering wheel is designed to use a concave handle, feel great, control buttons focus on both sides of the steering wheel, including the LCD panel control. 12.3 inch LCD panel with the trend, and with a variety of display modes of user choice, but there is no traditional pointer style, mainly to create a sense of technology. The central control panel has a new operating system, which has a better display effect, and is more in line with the Chinese people’s operating habits. It integrates Bluetooth phone, navigation, multimedia music, Car?相关的主题文章:

CCTV Spring Festival evening show open for Luhan yellow Zitao partner debut cancam

CCTV Spring Festival evening show open for Luhan yellow Zitao partner debut? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: 2017 CCTV Spring Festival evening show open for Luhan high voice CCTV screenshot micro-blog Sina entertainment news 31 at 16 PM, the CCTV news release on micro-blog, officially to the whole society for the Spring Festival gala. The following is the full text of micro-blog – this year’s Eve where? A CCTV studio stage!! 2017 Spring Festival Gala program begins! This stage is not limited to the type, as long as you think it is wonderful enough; this stage is not limited to the form, as long as you think enough creativity. Quick action, the audio and video copy of your program hit all the creative ideas, perhaps the next well-known Spring Festival star is you. The registration channel mengchuo below, little late at this time you are looking forward to your joining!! Official mail: chunwan2017@viptv "in this regard, users have to give advice and suggestions, behind Luhan [micro-blog], Huang Zitao [micro-blog] and other small meat to a late stage, users also guess the Spring Festival Gala Evening group this year, Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui said in an interview with the" force field "will become popular vocabulary, and forecast" the power ", is likely to appear in Feng Gong, Cai Ming [micro-blog] and show" familiar face "in the works. It is reported that in 2017 the Spring Festival is in January 28th, and now from the chicken Year Gala has been less than a hundred days, this year’s CCTV Spring Festival evening director for CCTV senior director Yang Dongsheng. (commissioning editor: banana) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: