A Jiaxing man was charged with slag netizens posting kite Pianse rainlendar

A Jiaxing man was charged with slag netizens posting: cheat money cheating the color M friends broke the news: in April this year, she met do leather business in Jiaxing Haining fan in WeChat, he claimed to be divorced, have a son and a daughter (after users understand, the fan has been divorced 3 times), the beginning of M is a gentle, considerate, and soon the two person. Later, fan said the lack of funds business users actually asked her to borrow, family conditions in general, the mother sick can not take care of themselves, brother in college, but because the fan is the premise of marriage together, but also very trust fan, so I lent him the money. And by almost twenty-six thousand, after that let her unexpected…… Later, more and more netizens think is wrong, fan not only often drink wine mad, let him take her back home to see their parents also Haiyan repeatedly shirk, when users want to return the money when the fan fan, even with her falling out, not only do not pay back the money, also to pull the black. For this, users upgrade M and fan contradiction, then go to the police station, under the mediation of the police, fan to netizen wrote an IOU, promised to September 30th will bring twenty-six thousand dollars to pay off. Now to November, the fan has not returned, and friends to call him for money, has been looking for reasons to shirk, not a penny too. Fan friends provided screenshots from the users point of view, the fan is not without the ability to repay the money. See from the chat can also, fan is not without the ability to repay, also once said "you send pictures show that really have no money". Twenty-six thousand, almost all his savings, users M during this period, she has repeatedly urged the fan to pay back the money, but also created a lot of conflicts, but so far, not a penny to her, always looking for reasons not yet. Friends said, when he was dating for a miscarriage, go to the hospital to check the fan did not give money, then really want to live with the fan, will put all his savings to help him out, the money is kept to the netizen mother to see a doctor, she is really very important. True, but did not think he suffered such treatment, her fan is full of deception and lies. Now she wants to sue, but because no money but incapable of action. Friends said, she put the thing not exposed to sympathy, just don’t want more women cheated.

嘉兴一渣男遭网友发文含泪控诉:骗钱骗色 网友M爆料:今年4月份, 她在微信上认识了在嘉兴海宁做皮衣生意的范某,他自称离异,有一儿一女(后经网友了解,范某已离过3次婚),刚开始对M也是温柔体贴,殷勤周到,很快两个人就交往了。后来,范某说生意缺资金就问她借,网友其实家庭条件一般,母亲生着病不能自理,弟弟在上大学,但是因为和范某是以结婚为前提在一起的,而且也非常信任范某,所以还是把钱借给他了。前前后后借了差不多两万六,之后的事情让她始料未及……后来网友越来越觉得不对,范某不仅经常喝酒撒酒疯,让他带自己回海盐老家见父母也一再推脱,当网友希望范某把钱归还时,范某竟然跟她闹翻了,不仅不还钱,还把网友拉黑了。为了这事,网友M和范某矛盾升级,之后还闹到了派出所,在民警的调解下,范某给网友写了一张借条,承诺到9月30号会把两万六千块钱还清。到现在11月份了,范某却始终没有归还,网友向他打电话要钱,一直找理由推脱,一分钱都没有还过。从网友提供的范某朋友圈截图来看,范某并不像没有能力归还欠款。从聊天记录也可以看出,范某并不是没有能力偿还,还曾经发图片炫耀说“你以为真没有钱啊”。两万六千块,几乎是网友M的全部积蓄,在此期间,她曾多次催促范某还钱,还产生了很多矛盾冲突,但是到目前为止,一分钱都没有还给她,始终在找理由不还。网友说,当时交往的时候为他流过产,去医院检查范某都没有给钱,当时是真心想跟范某好好过日子的,才会把所有的积蓄拿出来帮他,这些钱是网友存着给母亲看病的,对她来说真得很重要。真心相待,但没想到却遭受这样的对待,范某给她的全是欺骗和谎言。她现在想要起诉,但是因为没钱却无能为力。网友说,她把这件事情曝光出来不是为了博取同情,只是不想更多的女子受骗。相关的主题文章:

After 00 is not relaxed generation over 7 of the homework exceeded 5 into insufficient sleep (video) plants war

00 is not a "easy generation": Super 7 into 5 operations exceed the standard lack of sleep parents Tucao me children crying, the homework was too much "expert advice" students can not do without the burden, to avoid the burden of "before the Shenzhen schools parents was crying in the circle of friends shuabing. The parents said that their primary school grade four children more than eleven writing homework at night, "I, as a mother, I cried for my children, homework is too much."." A few days ago, Chengdu people Liang Liang also in the circle of friends "Tucao", and cause a lot of parents resonance, "now the primary school students are not good when."." In October 20th, China Youth Research Center released the "00 after" development research, the survey showed that over 7 into "00 after" homework exceeded, their extracurricular class time is "90" 2 times, more than half of "00 after" sleep is insufficient. The 00 day after the bitter "hidden" operation to burn the midnight oil on the afternoon of 24 pupils in 2, Ms. Liang received on message, "language: Readings and dictation, writing picture. Mathematics: complete papers, two pages of results……" Ms. Liang’s children are rolling up in a primary school in Chengdu, grade two. SMS is the homework list of the children from the school. Ms. Liang sighed and said, "tonight, it’s 9 o’clock." Every afternoon at 6:30, Ms. Liang’s other work began, "a lot of homework, such as dictation, reading aloud, must have parents together to complete."." In addition, there are many "hidden" homework. Ms. Liang’s mobile phone, there is a special group: special operation. "This is the English vocabulary exercises, this is a interesting question, mathematics, mental arithmetic." Ms. Liang said, these assignments are not mandatory teachers must complete, "but this is a ranking, ranking low, get little safflower, the child’s heart will still uncomfortable."." A "burning the midnight oil to 9 is often the case, Ms. Liang as" 80 "very helpless:" when we read the primary school, after school homework was finished before, now the children, is not easy." Three years of junior high school interrupted the tour one day 5 cram school, in June this year, after the end of the test, Zhao family finally breathed. "Three years of no travel, and finally can play well."." Recall her daughter’s school life, Mr. Zhao to describe the tragic history. Although the day, but the daughter at home does not have much time. "At 9:30 every day, evening self-study, weekend makeup, only Sunday morning at home, but also in writing homework." In the impression of Mr. Zhao, the daughter’s homework seems to never finish, "there are several times, I have the night shift, she is still in front of the desk, a pile of data on the table."." While loving her daughter, she had to give her daughter a variety of training classes. In the first year of junior middle school, mathematics and English began to be added, and physics was added. In the third grade, Chinese writing and chemistry came together, as well as the painting and calligraphy that she had been learning. At most, there were 5 classes a day." Mr. Zhao said. Looking at the daughter tired appearance, Mr. Zhao is very reluctant to bear, "the second grade junior high school is the long body, the result of pressure is too big, not a long stature, but myopia degree is up a lot."." Make it up

00后并非“轻松一代”:超7成作业超标 5成睡眠不足家长吐槽“我替孩子哭诉,作业实在太多了”专家建言“学生不可无负担,要避免负担过重”日前,深圳某所名校家长的哭诉在朋友圈被刷屏。该家长称,自己念小学四年级的孩子晚上十一点多还在写作业,“我,作为母亲,我替我的孩子哭诉,作业实在太多了。”前几天,成都人梁女士也在朋友圈里“吐槽”,并引起多位家长的共鸣,“现在的小学生不好当。”就在10月20日,中国青少年研究中心发布了《“00后”发展状况研究》,调查显示,超7成“00后”作业超标,他们的课外班时间是“90后”的2倍,过半“00后”睡眠不足。苦逼00后每天有“隐性”作业小学生挑灯夜战24日下午2点,梁女士准时收到短信,“语文:选读并听写,看图写话。数学:完成试卷、两页口算……”梁女士的孩子滚滚在成都一小学念二年级,短信是学校发来的孩子当天的作业清单。梁女士叹了口气,“今天晚上,又是9点钟都做不完的节奏。”每天下午6点半下班,梁女士的另一个工作才开始,“很多作业,比如听写、朗读,必须要有家长一起配合才能完成。”此外,还有很多“隐性”作业。梁女士的手机上,专门有一个分组:作业专用。“这个是英语词汇练习的,这个是数学,有口算、趣味题。”梁女士说,这些作业并非老师硬性规定必须完成,“但这个是有排名的,排名低了,得不到小红花,孩子心头还是会不舒服。”滚滚“挑灯夜战”到9点是常有的事,作为“80后”的梁女士很无奈:“我们读小学的时候,作业在放学前就做完了,现在这些小朋友,不容易啊。”初中三年中断旅游一天上5个补习班今年6月,中考结束,赵先生一家终于松了口气。“三年没有旅游过了,这下终于可以好好耍了。”回忆起女儿的中学生活,赵先生用“血泪史”来形容。虽然是走读,但女儿在家的时间却不多。“每天9点半才下晚自习,周末都在补课,只有星期天上午可以在家,但也是在写作业。”在赵先生印象中,女儿的作业似乎永远做不完,“有好几次,我都下夜班了,她还在书桌前,桌子上铺了一堆资料。”一边心疼女儿,一边又不得不给女儿报各种培训班。“初一的时候补数学、英语,初二开始,又加了物理,初三的时候,语文写作、化学也一起来,还有她本来一直在学的绘画和书法,最多的时候,一天要上5个班。”赵先生说。看着女儿疲惫的样子,赵先生很是不忍,“初二初三正是长身体的时候,结果压力太大,一点都没长个子,不过近视度数倒是涨了不少。”编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 00后小学女生炫富被网友喷粗翔 作业太少了吧相关的主题文章: