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Xuzhou birth foreign girl was confirmed and these days, a message in the circle of friends and micro-blog on the morning of October 4th, crazy pass: a young girl looks in a man and a woman escorted to Xuzhou Central Hospital for production inspection, the hospital suspected underage girls, and are likely to be abducted, so alarm. In October 7th, Xuzhou police notified, after investigation, initially confirmed that the girl was a foreigner, was abducted and trafficked. Accompanied by a woman who was arrested for trafficking in women and children, a man arrested for trafficking in women and children was arrested in criminal law according to law. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Wang Biao Yu Yingjie on October 4th at noon, Xuzhou City Quanshan Kuishan station received the alarm, said at the Xuzhou Central Hospital, a 12 year old girl to do prenatal examination in a man and a woman accompanied by suspected the girl was abducted. Because the doctor found that the girl was pregnant, and the medical image also showed that the gestational age was equivalent to 12 weeks. The girl seems too small, like not yet developed, and the accompanying men and women called "20 years old" does not match. The admissions process is always two, a middle-aged man instead of girls in the side of the doctor and the doctor, the registration information to the girl, in the report of age column made a mark, while trying to do further understanding. Subsequently, the doctor that accompanied the middle-aged woman to wait outside, and the girl alone to communicate, girl slurred speech, after repeated communication, know about girls from remote regions of Southwest China, no documents to confirm her identity. At this time, waiting in the treatment area in front of the couple said they were shouting, is to do a pregnancy test, the hospital to do it, ask why so much? The men also claimed to have bombed the hospital. The hospital felt something strange, so the police. After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation, and the relevant parties to the police station for further processing. Because of the language barrier, the police brought in a translation, after the exchange, confirmed that the girl really for foreign; and the girl to the hospital to do a pregnancy test of the more than 30 year old man, who is Copper Mt. District of Xuzhou City, who is also suspected of the crime of buying abducted women and children. That night, the police will transfer this clue to Quanshan territorial jurisdiction of the Copper Mt. police. After the investigation of the girl’s identity, to Xuzhou after, and accompanied the check man relationship. The Xuzhou Copper Mt. police initially confirmed that the girl was abducted, accompanied by pregnant women suspected of a crime. In October 5th, the police official investigation, and the alleged crime of trafficking in women and children of the suspect Xiemou (female, 47 years old) and suspected of buying abducted women and children crime suspect Liu Mou (male, 35 years old) summoned review. On the morning of October 7th, Xuzhou Copper Mt. police informed that Xie was detained in criminal law for the crime of abducting and trafficking in women and children. That night, Copper Mt. police further notified, Liu suspicion of buying abducted women and children crime, but also criminal detention in accordance with the law. At present, the case is being further processed.

徐州做产检外籍小女孩确认遭拐卖   这几天,一则信息在朋友圈和微博上疯传:10月4日上午,一名看起来十分年幼的女孩在一男一女陪同下到徐州市中心医院做产检,医院怀疑女孩未成年,且有可能被拐卖,于是报警。10月7日,徐州警方先后通报,经过调查,初步确认该女孩是外籍人士,是被拐卖的。陪同就医的女子谢某因涉嫌拐卖妇女儿童罪,男子刘某因涉嫌收买被拐卖妇女儿童罪,均被依法刑事拘留。 通讯员 王彪 扬子晚报记者 于英杰   10月4日中午,徐州市泉山分局奎山派出所接到报警,称在徐州市中心医院,有一名12岁小女孩在一男一女陪同下做产前检查,怀疑该女孩是被拐卖的。因为医生经检查发现,这名小女孩确实已经怀孕,医学图像还显示,孕周相当于12周。女孩看起来实在太小,像还没有发育,与陪同而来的这对男女所称的20岁不符。接诊过程中,始终是两个中年人代替女孩在和医生交流,医生一边给女孩登记信息,在报告单年龄一栏打了一个问号,一边想办法做进一步了解。   随后,医生让陪同的中年女子到外面等待,单独和女孩进行交流,女孩言语不清,经过反复沟通,大概了解到女孩来自西南偏远地区,没有证件能证实她的身份。这时,在诊疗区门口等待的那对男女大吵大闹,称他们就是来做孕检的,医院直接给做就行了,问那么多干嘛?男的还声称要炸了医院。医院感到此事有蹊跷,于是报警。   接警后,民警立即赶到现场了解情况,并将相关当事人带至派出所做进一步处理。因语言不通,警方请来翻译后,经过交流,证实女孩确实为外籍;和女孩一起到医院做孕检的男子30多岁,是徐州市铜山区人,此人还涉嫌收买被拐卖妇女儿童罪。当晚,泉山警方将此线索移交给属地管辖权的铜山警方。   经过对这名女孩身份、到徐州经过、与陪同检查男子关系等情况的调查,徐州铜山警方初步确认,这名女孩是被拐卖的,陪同孕检的男女涉嫌犯罪。10月5日,警方正式立案侦查,并对涉嫌拐卖妇女儿童犯罪的嫌疑人谢某(女、47岁)及涉嫌收买被拐卖妇女儿童犯罪的嫌疑人刘某(男、35岁)传唤审查。   10月7日上午,徐州铜山警方通报,谢某因涉嫌拐卖妇女儿童罪依法被刑事拘留。当晚,铜山警方进一步通报,刘某因涉嫌收买被拐卖妇女儿童罪,也被依法刑事拘留。目前,案件正在进一步办理中。相关的主题文章: