Not everybody can use small fire red white Lotte started the first case Hot pot rights-carmex润唇膏

Not everybody can use the red clay stove Bai Letian fired the first case that had Hot pot activist Bai Letian Hot pot friends on the table of the "red furnace" impressive, but do not look down upon this Hot pot furnace retro styling, it is really big. The origin of Bai Juyi "asked Liu Shijiu" a poem "green ants new grains wine, red small stove", the white Lotte Museum restoration Advisory Group Hot pot consulted numerous Hot pot literature and Chongqing Hot pot, textual research related to cultural relics, consult many researchers Hot pot, which lasted two years, and finally the unique shape of the red clay stove out of recovery and the application of the furnace, the utility model patent right. This is almost a symbol of Bai Letian time-honored image of the "little red fire" by other operators of illegal and fraudulent use of a large number of sales, Bai Letian to stand up to defend their legitimate rights and interests. Just today (November 10th), in the Chongqing fifth intermediate people’s court trial, the white Lotte Hot pot boss sued Yu Yong Jiulongpo in Liangshan Tian pan JIAYE hotel operators and Liu Ji. The two sides of the contradiction, the plaintiff that the defendant violated the red small stove multifunctional stove of the utility model patent right, this is the first Hot pot industry intellectual property rights case. The infringing party Taobao patent certificate notary screenshot Bai Le Tianfang Yu Yong introduction, the second half of last year, he found in Jiulongpo District of Liangshan Tian pan JIAYE hotel supplies operating the Department of mass production, low-priced sales, promise to sell the allegedly infringing products. "This business department also through the Internet, to the national sales of infringing products, and in the product introduction in the use of" Bai Letian with the tripod pot "and" Chongqing Bai Letian hotpot with the stove "and other descriptions to mislead consumers. Yu Yong said that the company believes that this is a tort, should be firmly attacked. And repeatedly stressed that It is often seen. plagiarism catering industry, why choose this "first shot", is originated from Bai Letian has always believed that the protection of patent and copyright, in order to establish a more fair competition in the market order, to promote the food industry more healthy and rapid development; and self original, only by copying and no imitation, is not far away. Bai Letian held the attitude that once found no appeasement, from June this year, Yu Yong led the team to collect evidence of infringement of the other party. In September 7th, we went to the fifth intermediate people’s Court of Chongqing to file a case. In September 18th, the court summons was issued and the case will be heard tomorrow. Bai Le Tianfang claim: 1 defendants to immediately stop infringement of the plaintiff’s red small stove multifunctional stove the utility model patents (Patent No.: ZL201420255147.0.) of the act, to stop production and sales, and did not destroy the sale of infringing products related to Bai Letian. 2 at the same time to order the defendant to pay the plaintiff joint and user charges 200 thousand yuan in economic losses, order the defendant to stop infringement of the plaintiff compensation paid by the white Lotte patent infringement including but not limited to legal fees, notary fees and patent evaluation fees reasonable expenses 30 thousand yuan of economic losses and related charges, order the defendant to bear all the litigation costs of this case. The results of the trial will be announced in the near future, and the Tencent will continue to track the progress of the case.

红泥小火炉不是人人能用 白乐天打响火锅维权第一案相信吃过白乐天火锅的朋友都对桌上的“红泥炉”印象深刻,可不要小瞧了这个复古造型的火锅炉,它可是大有来头。缘起白居易《问刘十九》一诗中“绿蚁新醅酒,红泥小火炉”,白乐天火锅馆恢复重建顾问团查阅了无数火锅与重庆火锅的文献资料,考据相关文物,请教很多火锅研究者,历时两年,终于将这个造型独特的红泥小火炉复原了出来,并申请了该炉的实用新型专利权。这个几乎象征了白乐天老字号形象的“红泥小火炉”,被其他经营者非法冒用与大量销售,白乐天自然要站出来维护自己的合法权益。就在今日(11月10日),在重庆市第五中级人民法院开庭审判,白乐天火锅老板余勇状告九龙坡区中梁山田锅锅佳业酒店用品经营部及其经营者刘吉。双方的矛盾焦点是,原告认为被告侵犯了其红泥小火炉多功能灶的实用新型专利权,这也是火锅行业知识产权维权的第一案。侵权方淘宝店公证截图白乐天方专利证书余勇介绍,去年下半年,他发现九龙坡区中梁山田锅锅佳业酒店用品经营部大量生产、低价销售、许诺销售涉嫌侵权的产品。“这家经营部还通过互联网,向全国销售生产的侵权产品,并在产品介绍中采用‘白乐天同款鼎火锅’和‘重庆白乐天火锅同款灶’等描述来误导消费者。余勇表示,公司认为这是侵权行为,应受到坚决打击。并一再强调,餐饮行业抄袭行为屡见不鲜,为什么选择开这“第一枪”,是源于白乐天始终认为,保护专利权和著作权,才能建立更公平的市场竞争秩序,才能促进餐饮行业的更健康与快速的发展;而有自我原创,只靠抄袭和模仿没,是走不远的。白乐天抱着一旦发现绝不姑息的态度,由今年6月起,余勇带领团队搜集对方侵权证据。 9月7日去重庆市第五中级人民法院立案,9月18日收到法院传票将在明天开庭审理此案。白乐天方主张诉求为:1被告立即停止侵犯原告红泥小火炉多功能灶的实用新型专利权(专利号:ZL201420255147.0.)的行为,即停止制造、销售,并销毁未销售白乐天相关的侵权产品。2同时判令被告及使用者连带向原告支付经济损失费20万元,判令被告连带赔偿原告为制止侵犯白乐天专利权行为所支付的包括但不限于律师费、公证费和专利评价费等合理支出3万元及相关经济损失费,判令被告全部承担本案诉讼费用。审判结果将于近日公布,腾讯大渝网将持续追踪本案进展。相关的主题文章: