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Meditation Stress can strike you at any time. It can hit you hard and the way you deal with a situation can be made a million times worse simply because of the stress build up. One of the cool aspects of meditation is your ability to use meditation to gain an instant calming affect even when you are not in the traditional meditation posture. The first step in the meditation for Instant Calming is to practice your breathing. When you feel that stress is creeping up on you simply practice breathing lightly like a mouse in and out. Focus on the quality of your breathing; ensure that it is light and even. Then slowly make the breathing deeper. Next in this process is to ensure that your posture is balanced and even. Keep your back straight and your head up. Many people who be.e stressed will slouch their back and have a hunched look. Clear your mind. Imagine in you mind that you are bathing in a wave of relaxing waves. Consciously feel the waves flowing past taking away the anxiety and stress. Ensure that the waves constantly flow through your body. The next important step is to acknowledge the stress and look at the root cause of the stress. The worst thing you can do with meditation is to deny the stress. In your mind during the meditation speak the words clearly in your mind, "This stress is real but I have the ability to hand it. Let me think straight and find a way to deal with this stress and to cope immediately with the challenges in front of me." Continue repeating this statement in your meditations for a period not less than ten minutes. It is now time in this meditation to take control of this stress. Focus on the person who has caused this stress and robbed you of the control you have the right too. Take control of your mind and rid your mind of the stress. Finally as you .e out of this meditation focus on these words, "I have a right to a free and peaceful mind. Nothing anyone can do or say to me will rob me of this right." Speak these words each time you need this meditation. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: