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Do you know that some of the greatest salesmen do it on the phone? Yet, I keep hearing how cold calling is a nightmare, how they hate it, and how even some sales gurus say "cold calling is dead." Here are some of the reasons Ive heard from my own sales trainees, at least in the beginning: 1) RejectionAll I got was Nos and the phone slammed in my ear. 2) All I got was voice mail jail and no one ever returns my calls. And there are others, but most .e back to the same thing: the obstacle you are facing isnt out there in the cold cruel world. It resides right between your own two ears. Your own beliefs are the obstacle. It isnt anywhere else. For this article were going to deal with the all syndrome and rejection. A client and I once developed a cold calling campaign plan. He was to make 200 cold calls in the next week. We developed the general idea of what he was going to say, who he was going to call, and how he was going to say it. Then we practiced it until he sounded natural. When we got together the following week, I asked, So, howd it go? Horrible, all I got was phones slammed in my ear, P.O.d people and Nos galore. It just didnt work at all. How many calls did you make? 30, and after all those Nos, I gave up. How many appointments did you get? Only one. So, what was your success ratio? How many appointments for how many calls? Lets see, I think that is.1 in 30, or 3%. And what was our original estimate. Wasnt it 1 in 25? So, how can you say that it was a failure? You werent far off. .but.butall of those Nos, 29 out of 30. That was mostly failure! Lets see, at 1-2 minutes per call for Nos, and maybe 5+ for the yes, how many minutes did you spend to get just one appointment? Isnt that around 60 minutes to get an appointment? Not bad if you ask me. What would have happened if you had made all 200 calls? Maybe 6-7 appointments.Wait a minute, didnt we target 8 appointments for the 200 calls?!?! How many calls were necessary to achieve your goal of 8 appointments a week? (This is probably THE MOST important question since it tells you clearly what you have to do to get the needed RESULTS). Another thing would have happened if he had made the 200 calls: Hed have gotten better and better, gotten over his fear, and probably would have seen his call success improving toward the 1 in 25 calls, or even better. I tell most of my clients that they need to make about 500 calls to get good at it. The trouble is that most never reach 500 calls, or if you do it takes them 2 years to do it, and by that time either the boss has eliminated you, or if you are a business owner your overhead costs have eliminated you. It all started with the all syndrome. In other words our belief that ALL we got was nos, ALL we got were Voice Mails, and that NO ONE ever returned a call. Its the glass half full or half empty issue. That is a belief that in this case isnt valid. Use the Plan Do Improve/Optimize scenario. Plan what you are going to do, Do it (make sure to measure the results so you know what works and what doesnt), make changes (new plans), and Go back through that loop over and over. Lets apply that to the scenario above. Develop what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and to who. Find the reasons why someone would even want to talk to you and develop it. Measure your success, measure how many successes you had out of how many calls. In most cases, it really isnt as bad as everyone makes out. Now that you have the key measurementsfix them. That means, change what you say, how you say it, or who you say it to, and watch the numbers. Do they go up, or down? Capture what works, and learn from what doesnt. Youll see those numbers constantly moving up. Learn the best way from the expertsget every book you can, go to training classes, hire a sales coach. You are always in control. Don’t be at the mercy of anything, someone else, the environment, the market place. This means that, irrespective of what your fashion sense, you can put together a style which is entirely and absolutely you. My blog post: college … 相关的主题文章: