Cui Shunshi has denied to help park Geun hye to change the secret documents two pictures to make it tencent upd

Cui Shunshi has denied to help park Geun hye to change the two documents to make it clear that the identity of the case – Sohu news Cui left behind in the tablet PC from the 2 photos. [global network comprehensive report] because Pu Jinhui bestie Cui Shunshi facing power crisis, Cui Shunshi initially denied Ceng Bangpu revised the confidential documents, the result is the media reporter found her plate used, and inside there are 2 pictures from her, let her Renzai lies collapse of itself. The outside world initially suspected of using Shunshi uncovered Cui president privilege, let poor grade daughter breaking into the well-known Ewha Womans University. South Korean cable television JTBC reporter Xu Fuxian (transliteration), Cui Shunshi from empty office, the tablet computer used in her assistant discarded box pulls out Cui, found that there are more than and 200 confidential documents, 44 of which was actually the park Geun hye’s speech, not only relates to the crisis on the Korean Peninsula and other state secrets. Even Cui marking modify records, and disclosure off political power crisis in tempestuous waves, let Pu Jinhui. Cui Shunshi denied the use of a tablet, insisted that I do not have a tablet, do not know how to use, it is not my, but also requires prosecutors to examine how the tablet fell into the hands of the media. However, since the camera tablet JTBC disclosure within 2 Zhang Cui Shunshi, her daughter’s name is the name of the user. JTBC reported that the tablet belonged to a Chong Wa Dae official, officials in 2012 to Cui Shunshi use. Cui Shunshi last record is 2014, which is likely to forget the confidential documents, sometimes neglect the effect, let her fall.相关的主题文章: