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Entrepreneurialism Enlyten has such a great new and innovative product it’s actually quite the game changer and if that wasn’t enough the Big Bad Shaquille O’Neal has endorsed the product raising brand awareness through the roof. However most people will still struggle even with all the market advantage this opportunity has read on to learn how as well as an overview of the company and the opportunity being offered. The Company Enlyten is a Multi Level Marketing company or MLM as it’s more popularly known. Launched in august of 2009 with the help of Shaquille O’Neal this is quite a new MLM so it’s a ground floor opportunity which is an advantage all on it’s own. The MLM Company started out with just 10,000 distributors and has grown leaps and bounds thanks to the great pre-launch Shaq-Enlyten combination. The Products This is where Enlyten stands out because they have a clear market advantage and we all know that in the MLM industry there needs to be a great product to back up your MLM business. All of Enlyten’s products are in strips, you simply pop them in your mouth and they dissolve. The Enlyten sportstrips are a kind of energy drink all condensed into a strip making it easy and simple to consume. This is great because it’s easy, fast and efficient which creates certainty and people tend to go for that which is certain because there’s no fear involved. It’s the reason why Businesses like McDonald’s are as successful as they are because the experience is so predictable and it get’s customer’s what they want in a flash. Any business that has product’s that cater to peoples needs quickly and efficiently always gets a plus from me and Enlyten does just that. The Compensation Plan This is Multilevel Marketing so the business in a nutshell needs you to sell products and recruit others into the business as independent distributors but lets break it down a little shall we? Retail Product commissions-If you sell Enlyten products through the affiliate website provided to you by the company you earn 25% commissions each week. Enrollment starter pack bonuses-When You enroll a new distributor and they purchase a starter pack you earn bonuses from $50 to $410. Team Residuals-You earn 5% to 35% commissions on sales generated by your downline. Commissions vary depending on your rank. The cost to get started with Enlyten is a one time fee of $50 and you get your affiliate URL, replicated website and what not. Starter packs range from $250 to $800. Another great feature of this opportunity is that you don’t have to buy any Enlyten products to be an active distributor. The sign of a company that is confident of it’s products. Conclusion And Why You’re Likely To Fail So far you’ve heard great things coming from me about this company so you may be thinking that I’m an independent distributor,so you’ll be surprised to hear that I’m not and may not ever join. You see I’ve been in Network Marketing for quite some time now and I know that it is a specific skillset and a different kind of business structure that will determine your success. Don’t get me wrong you do need a great company that has unique products that have clear market advantages and thus demand. When you’re a network marketer it’s far more important to work on your MARKETING SKILLS. Enlyten is on the market and they’ve raised awareness of their products but they don’t know how to acquire customers that’s where you come in. You have the responsibility of marketing and selling the products and most people think the opportunity will give them everything they need but this is not the case as the failure rates clearly reflect this. Then there’s the structure of the business, most new networkers will start to market the company website and it might work on some level but they never really own their business, only the title. There is another way to do this, you have to form a partnership with your company and the business should be centered around you. Correct you are the business it’s all about YOU Inc. people don’t join businesses they join people. When you market yourself upfront you give value to others and you own that not your company. Your company has it’s value but what’s yours? Your value has to be your LEAD GENERATION skills and your ability to show other people how to do it. If you want to succeed with Enlyten then you must become a student of marketing and generate your own leads. 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