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Golden week party woman after drinking liquor pound 28 year old wedding bridesmaid coma alcoholic liquor drinking cause death during the National Day golden week, many people took part in every kind of party, people can drink a few cups of wine on the table. In October 2nd, a more than 40 year old migrant women Ms. Yang in site party, in and out of consciousness and drink more than a pound of white wine, and there remain unconscious symptoms. It is understood that 2 noon, Ms. Yang attended the dinner jubilant site, the workers get together to drink, eat. The wine on the table, Ms. Yang and drink a catty liquor. The end of the meal, a worker will be responsible for Ms. Yang returned to the residence; on the way, Ms. Yang said there is a desire to head suddenly burst of pain, then collapsed to the ground. The workers hurried to Ms. Yang rushed to a nearby hospital Liaoning fishing in Dalian. Ms. Yang because of serious illness, hospital doctors suspected that the woman has Liao Yu brain damage, and suggestions for further treatment and women’s Hospital immediately. "In the afternoon 2 pm, our 120 ambulance from Dalian Liaoning fishing hospital received the woman, she has no consciousness remain unconscious. Preliminary concluded that the woman because of excessive drinking, brain damage." Dalian hospital emergency department of Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University is responsible for the 120 ambulance admissions doctor Li Ting said. According to its introduction, this year’s "eleven" holiday, like Ms. Yang, because of excessive drinking in the hospital is not the case, they received almost daily due to excessive drinking 120 people call an ambulance. Li Ting said, October 4th at noon, a man about 30 years old in the party, after excessive drinking alone on the way home by bike; Behold, the man lost consciousness, the bike fell heavily down, causing the body multiple fractures, eventually had to be hospitalized. The doctor remind, the holiday party is a happy thing, the wine on the table, don’t drink, should be based on the actual situation, the moderate alcohol consumption; in addition, the same wine people try not Quanjiu, once danger, will all the blame.

黄金周聚会 女子一斤白酒下肚后昏迷 28岁伴娘婚礼狂饮白酒 酒精中毒导致死亡 国庆黄金周期间,不少市民参加了各式各样的聚会,有人不免在酒桌上多喝几杯。10月2日,一名40多岁的外来务工女子杨女士参加工地聚会,在喝下了一斤多白酒后,失去意识,出现了昏迷不醒的症状。据了解,2日中午,杨女士兴高采烈地参加了工地聚餐,工人们聚在一起喝酒、吃饭。酒桌上,杨女士前前后后共饮下了一斤多白酒。聚餐结束,一名工友负责将杨女士送回居住地;途中,杨女士突然称头部有种欲炸裂的疼痛感,紧接着晕倒在地。工友急忙将杨女士送往附近的大连辽渔医院。由于杨女士病情严重,辽渔医院医生怀疑女子脑部已受到损伤,遂建议女子立即转院并接受进一步治疗。 “当日下午2时许,我们的120救护车从大连辽渔医院接到该女子时,她已经昏迷不醒,没有任何意识。初步断定,该女子因饮酒过度,脑部神经受到了损伤。”中国医科大学附属盛京医院大连医院急诊科负责120救护车接诊的医生李亭说。据其介绍,今年的“十一”小长假,像杨女士这样,因过度饮酒住进医院的不是个例,他们几乎每天都能接到因饮酒过度拨打120救护车的市民。李亭说,10月4日中午,一名年约30岁的男子参加聚会,饮酒过量后独自一人骑自行车回家;不料,途中该男子失去意识,从自行车上重重摔了下来,导致身体多处骨折,最终不得不住院治疗。医生在此提醒,节日聚会本是一件令人开心的事儿,酒桌上,切勿贪杯,应根据自身的实际情况,适度饮酒;另外,同一酒桌的人尽量不要劝酒,一旦出现生命危险,所有人都将难辞其咎。相关的主题文章: