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Monkey market weak start – Sohu finance, although the Spring Festival belongs to a special period of the market, a short week volume price atrophy also can not explain the problem. However, combined with the recent trend of the market and the local property market trend, in the first half of this year, if we want to continue as a whole last year, lasted for half a year has been unpopular hot market is unlikely. Last year’s market in downtown was enough to explain the uncertainty of the trend. Although the four main districts lack the scale of new sites listed, but a second-hand property prices, the annual turnover is a double-digit increases, only symbolically rose 1.3%, but the volume is a gratifying double-digit rise, fully explain the limited number of sellers sell, the price cannot follow a deep area and pull up sharply. However, the good news also appeared in a market downturn. Policy, in February 6th, "the State Council on deepening the new urbanization construction of a number of opinions" requires all localities to accelerate the implementation of the household registration system reform policy. In addition to mega cities and mega cities, other cities should not be allowed to purchase housing, investment tax, points system and other settings settled restrictions. This policy will greatly encourage Dongguan’s many outsiders to buy houses. Before this, because of the restrictions of household policy, led to a large number of new Wando people because of their children’s education problems, the future pension problems, have to go home or close to the house can be bought into the city home. Banks have repeatedly lowered the mortgage interest rate, so that the purchase of down payment threshold to a certain extent, just to encourage buyers to enter the market. The current market information shows that, after the year, the city will have ten new flats into the market. For developers, this year, although the property market started quite mild, but the market environment and government policies, both good and bad. Good products naturally worry about sales, and in last year’s market, most of the town streets inventory digestion rate is very optimistic, thus reducing the pressure to developers. Later, all the competition in the market to see the outcome. Source Guangzhou daily

猴年楼市弱势开局-搜狐财经  尽管春节属于市场特殊时期,短短的一周量价萎缩也不能说明问题。但是,综合最近市场大势和本地区楼市走向来看,今年上半年如果要整体上延续去年持续大半年已久的火爆行情已经不太可能。  市中心区去年一整年的市场行情足以说明走势依然不明朗。虽然四大主城区缺乏规模性的新盘上市,但是一、二手楼盘全年成交价格呈现的是个位数上涨,仅为象征性地上涨了1.3%,但是成交量却出现了喜人的双位数上涨,充分说明卖家出手数量有限,价格无法紧跟临深片区而大幅拉动走高。  不过,好消息也在一片市场低迷中接连出现。政策方面,2月6日,《国务院关于深入推进新型城镇化建设的若干意见》要求各地加快落实户籍制度改革政策。除超大城市和特大城市外,其他城市不得采取要求购买房屋、投资纳税、积分制等方式设置落户限制。这一政策将大大鼓励东莞众多的外来人员出手购房。而在此之前,因为入户政策的限制,导致一大批新莞人由于子女教育问题、未来养老问题等,不得不回家置业或到临近可以购房入户的城市置业。  银行一再降低按揭利率使得购房首付门槛降低,一定程度上鼓励了刚需购房者入市。  目前的市场信息表明,年后全市将有数十个新增楼盘入市。对于开发商而言,今年楼市开局尽管相当温和,但是市场环境和政府政策,既有利好也有利空。好的产品自然不愁销路,并且在去年的行情中,大部分镇街的库存消化率十分乐观,从而给开发商减轻了不小的压力。往后,一切终将在市场竞争中见分晓。来源广州日报)相关的主题文章: