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The United States presidential candidate: if elected will meet Darai in the White House China Tibet network 2016 election is like a raging fire, Norway Tibet media in January 28 journal article said that the presidential candidate mark · Rubio said that if elected in the White House to meet Darai, and to the proud. As soon as he spoke, someone said on the Internet, "he’s mad before he became president!" According to American media reports, the 43 year old Rubio is a typical politician, on the foreign policy stance is very tough, can be hawkish hawks. He often criticized Obama’s foreign policy is too weak, this new standard, attract voters in the eye. In September 25, 2015, Obama held a grand ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, welcoming Xi Jinping’s state visit to the United states. Prior to President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States in 2015, Rubio questioned the White House dinner in the United States to entertain Xi Jinping. This was the White House spokesman irony, innuendo the pattern is too small. Once, several American presidents met with Darai, once let the Sino US relations fall into the trough. Over the past three years, Darai has increasingly become the political burden of some national leaders". In September, when he visited Britain, he hoped to meet with British Prime Minister Cameron, who was refused, and the meeting with the members of the whole Party of the British Parliament was also cancelled. He went to the United States to check his body, and all the world leaders and diplomats attended the United Nations, but none of the international community wanted to talk to him. In December, the United States New York Times published a series of articles, called Darai "political burden" of Western politicians and "failed political negotiators" and so on. In 2009, Obama visited China for the first time. With media analysis, the president of the United States has a rule of China policy, that is, before taking office, usually more tough, and after taking office is more pragmatic. As China has become the second largest economic country in the world and Sino US relations have been the most important bilateral relationship in twenty-first Century, the importance of Sino US relations to the interests of the United States should be taken into consideration when anyone is elected president. "A long-time supporter of Tibet independence", U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi · whether American voters will choose a "madman" when the president is still can make nothing of it. But Rubio’s remarks at least two points: first, if the Anti China is his personal philosophy, it can only say that although his body has entered in twenty-first Century, but the mind is still stuck in twentieth Century, the United States and Darai together, no respect for Chinese, it is a Sino US trust foundation behavior; second is he playing cards, anti China, temporarily by the Darai Lama Bo eye, with part of the electorate. No matter which point, we can not escape the U.S. policy toward China, "the situation is always stronger than people" this rule. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

美总统候选人:若当选会在白宫迎接达赖   中国西藏网讯 2016年美国大选正如火如荼进行,挪威“藏独”媒体1月28日刊文称,总统参选人马可·卢比奥表示,若当选会在白宫迎接达赖,并以此为荣。此言一出,就有人在网上称,“他还没当总统就已经疯了!”   据美媒报道,现年43岁的卢比奥是个典型的政客,在外交政策上的立场十分强硬,可谓鹰派之中的鹰派。他经常批评奥巴马的外交政策过于软弱,以此标新异,吸引选民眼球。   2015年9月25日,奥巴马在华盛顿白宫南草坪举行隆重仪式,欢迎习近平对美进行国事访问。   2015年习近平主席访美之前,卢比奥对美国以白宫晚宴来款待习近平表示质疑。此举遭到了白宫发言人的讽刺,暗讽其格局太小。   曾几何时,美国几任总统会见达赖一度让中美关系跌入低谷。这三年来,达赖越来越成为一些国家领导人的“政治负担”。9月,他访问英国,希望与英国首相卡梅伦会面,结果被拒,与英国议会全党派议员的会晤也被取消。他到美国检查身体,世界各国领导人和外交官也都在联合国参会,却没一个国际人士愿意见他。12月,美国《纽约时报》发表连载文章,称达赖为西方政界的“政治负担”以及 “失败的政治谈判者”等。   2009年, 奥巴马首次访华。   有媒体分析, 美国总统的对华政策有一个规律,那就是上任前通常比较强硬,而上任后则比较务实。在中国已经成为全球第二经济大国,中美关系已经是“21世纪最重要的一对双边关系”的情况下,任何人当选总统后都要考虑中美关系对于美国利益的重要性。   “藏独”的长期支持者,美众院议长南希·佩洛西   美国选民是否会选一个“疯子”当总统尚不得而知。但卢比奥的言论至少说明了两点:第一,如果反华是他的个人理念,那只能说尽管他的身体已经进入了21世纪,但头脑思维却仍然卡在20世纪,其将美国与达赖捆绑在一起,对中国不尊重,是一种自掘中美信任根基的行为;第二,他在打反华牌,暂时借达赖喇嘛博人眼球,讨好部分选民。   无论以上哪一点,都逃不掉美国的对华政策“形势永远比人强”这一规律。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: