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Xi’an was the "haze" and "limit order and vehicle invasion" – Beijing, Beijing, Xi’an, November 15 (Mei Yilong Zhang Yichen) "saw last night due to haze warning to start the vehicle limit line news, today there is no drive to work early in the morning to the bus station waiting for the bus, found many car, feeling not accustomed to." Served in the Xi’an High-tech Zone, an enterprise Liu Bing told reporters 15. Since the beginning of winter, Xi’an has repeatedly suffered haze invasion, 14, 13, Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency department launched the city’s heavy air pollution level III emergency response, and issued a notice announcing the vehicle restriction, November 15th 6, 5 and 0 motor vehicle tail number, ban on the road. 22 November 3rd 6, Xi’an for the first time to start the vehicle limit line, limit order for release time was "too urgent" by people tucao. The picture shows the traffic flow in the urban areas of Xi’an. Mei Long Yb photo reporter saw in the streets of Xi’an on the 15 day, the morning of Xi’an by a thick layer of haze enveloped, the wild goose pagoda, bell tower, the ancient city wall landmarks from afar is a shadowy mask, people travel "Essentials", "rule haze artifact called the fog gun haze reduction of cars on the road busy stop. At the same time, road vehicles have also been reduced because of the limit line, but the flow of people waiting bus stop people and subway have increased. "Since the start of severe weather pollution in Xi’an to a motor vehicle limit line, limit line of vehicles on the road a lot less, feel less crowded early peak, before getting to work for more than an hour, now forty minutes to the company." Xi’an citizen Wang Lele told reporters. The picture shows the building was shrouded in haze. Mei long taken as "morning Yb group" Xi’an residents Zhao Xiongwei said he has insisted on exercise for more than ten years, now the haze pollution weather increased, he also reduced exercise time and frequency. A former morning morning friends have a lot less, we are not willing to go out in the polluted weather exercise. According to the meteorological station in Shaanxi province in November 14, 2016 16 released haze yellow warning signal: the next 24 hours in Xi’an, Xianyang, parts of Weinan will appear moderate to severe haze, easy to form a moderate to severe air pollution. In recent years, the haze has become a popular word in the life of the people, but also on the people’s work, life and travel have an impact. Some experts said that the Guanzhong Basin winter wind is not conducive to the spread of pollutants. In addition, many high-rise buildings, impede the flow of wind. In addition, dust pollution coupled with vehicle exhaust emissions, winter heating coal, etc., so that the rapid increase in the concentration of atmospheric particles. (end)相关的主题文章: